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Meet the need for a transparent multidisciplinary approach after a disaster, and the need for a platform where the actors, the problems and the solutions are presented and can communicate. To create an easy to access, informative platform that can be consulted for information on the needs and solutions and provides a transparent plot of all involved parties. The platform facilitates dialogue between actors and specialists in various fields.

To contribute to optimal decision making process. To achieve this goal, a Decision Support System (tool), is being developed that can be of assistance when choosing (shelter) relief items after a disaster.To contribute to developing innovative shelter solutions.

Please send us your questions; we will try to find the answer for you.

In our design lab we present the designs initiated by Non-profit organizations, Universities & Academic institutes, and manufacturers, designers and commercial parties. We provide a platform for all parties in the initiation phase to expose their researches. does not accept fees from any parties and has no commercial interest in the products in the design lab.

All relief specialists, researchers, academics, universities, designers and manufacturers are invited to think with us to optimize the presented concept. We appreciate your feedback on this initiative highly.

The information regarding the available and required shelter items are accessible online by all involved parties. This can result to more transparency and direct communication, which leads to time saving, cheaper relief items, more choices and therefore better quality of sheltering relief.

We hope that as a result, more lives can be saved after a disaster by faster and better aid.

The commercial parties are presented in the shop sector. By clicking on the shop button you leave the noncommercial part. The nonprofit shop presents relief related products from all over the world.

The shop provides a space for local shops from all over the world to presented local solutions after a disaster.

We invite local manufacturers/ resellers and relief specialists to add products in this space.

The Decision Support System has access to the input of the shop and makes use of these data to produce shelter decision advice.