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The following 6 manufacturers have participated in the innovative shelter program initiated by shelter Centre 2010:

World Wide Shelters (2005)
Maddel International
Evenproducts Limited
H. Sheikh Noor-Ud-Din & Sons
World Shelters

Vango outdoor (shelterBOX)
aqua-aero water pyramid
Toyop Relief
Nizam Relief Supplies (1869)
Life Gear
Paramount Tarpaulin Industries, Karachi Pakistan
Priyanka India Humanitarian Aid & Development Solutions
Solid House Foundation

Drehtainer CMBH GermanyM. Schall CMBH &Cock Germany
Zeppelin mobile system Germany
GMBH Austria
Kongsberg Defence & AEROSPACEAS Norway
Klein poelhuis specialprogecyts B.V, Netherlands
Lankhorst pure composites B.V. Netherlands
Stork special products B.V. Netherlands
Transmo special products Netherlands (Moerdijk)
Uniteam Norway
ACD First-aid tents Netherlands (Duijven)

The following manufacturers participated at the AIDEX 2013, Brussels:

List of participants Aidex 2013 Shelter/ Water / Sanitation/ Energy/ NGO’s
A-Aqua AS
Categories: Essential aid suppliesConsultantsWater / sanitation
Categories: Shelter
Adamus group GmbH
Categories: Water / sanitationMedical
Air Drop Box
AirDropBox is a new concept to safely enable air delivery of humanitarian aid and logistics support to areas without transport infrastructure at low cost using commonly available air transport. This i...
Categories: Essential aid suppliesNGO / charityLogistics
Ajay industrial / Relief Line
Reliefline is the Emergency & relief supplies division of Ajay Industrial Corporation, 1 50 Years old company that specializes in providing emergency and relief supplies like blankets, tarpaulin, slee...
Categories: Food and NutritionWater / sanitationShelterGovernmental / intergovernmental organisationsEssential aid supplies
Al Muntada al Islami Trust
Al Muntada Trust is a UK based International NGO working in the areas of Education, Health, Capacity Building, Water Security and Emergency Relief for the last 27 years from as many offices in Africa ...
Categories: NGO / charity
Alaska Structures, Inc.
Alaska Structures® (AKS) provides the highest quality, long lasting shelters and base camp systems for displaced persons and refugees of catastrophic events worldwide.
Categories: Shelter
Al-Khair Foundation and IQRA TV
Categories: NGO / charity
All In Diary
Categories: NGO / charityGovernmental / intergovernmental organisationsCommunicationsOrganisations / associations
Ampair Energy Ltd
Ampair has been manufacturing durable hybrid renewable energy power (generator) systems in the UK for almost forty years. These systems are designed to remove the need for diesel fuel shipments and th...
Categories: VehiclesEnergy / fuel
Anand International
Categories: Essential aid supplies
Categories: Essential aid supplies Water / sanitation
Argonaut Water
Argonaut Water systems offers portable and transportable water filtration units powered by various energy sources: solar, battery, generator, mains, and water pressure. The 8lb (3.628 kg), self-contai...
Categories: Water / sanitationFood and NutritionEssential aid supplies
Aries international
Categories: Essential aid supplies
asafewater, is an international company specialized in water treatment and purification whose mission is to offer its customers advice, installation and maintenance of filtration systems and water purification.
Categories: Water / sanitation
Asantys Systems
Categories: CommunicationsEnergy / fuelEssential aid suppliesMines and munitions clearanceGovernmental / intergovernmental organisationsOrganisations / associationsNGO / charityWater / sanitation
Astrium Services Enterprises AS
For preparedness and disaster mitigation Astrium Services is the gateway to a world of high-level services from EADS, enabling total support for humanitarian operations – connectivity, transportation.
Categories: Communications Essential aid supplies

Categories: Water / sanitation

Bestnet A/S
Categories: Energy / fuelNGO / charityMedicalGovernmental / intergovernmental organisationsShelterEssential aid supplies

Blu-Med Response Systems
Categories: MedicalShelter

Bond is a hugely influential network of 400 international development organisations in the UK, working to influence decision makers at a UK, EU and global level, and delivering a range of high quality...

Categories: Organisations / associationsNGO / charityCommunications

Caritas Pakistan
Categories: NGO / charity

Charles Nielsen Enterprises
Categories: Essential aid suppliesShelterWater / sanitation

Crown Agents
Categories: Organisations / associationsGovernmental / intergovernmental organisationsLogisticsConsultants

Categories: Logistics

Danish Refugee Council
Categories: NGO / charity

Danoffice IT
Categories: ComputersGovernmental / intergovernmental organisationsCommunicationsNGO / charity


Categories: ConsultantsOrganisations / associations

Disc-O-Bed EU GmbH
Categories: LogisticsShelterMedicalEssential aid supplies

Dunster House Ltd

Categories: Energy / fuelShelterWater / sanitation

Categories: Energy / fuel

Emercom Russia
Categories: Essential aid supplies

Categories: Essential aid suppliesWater / sanitationNGO / charityGovernmental / intergovernmental organisationsLogistics

Farmingtons Automotive GmbH
Categories: SecurityVehiclesLogisticsGovernmental / intergovernmental organisationsConsultants

Categories: Water / sanitation

Firefly Solar Generators Limited

Categories: Essential aid suppliesEnergy / fuelCommunicationsShelterTravelComputersLogisticsGovernmental / intergovernmental organisationsNGO / charity

Categories: Food and NutritionWater / sanitationEssential aid supplies

Categories: Energy / fuelWater / sanitation

Fusion International
Categories: CommunicationsTravelOrganisations / associationsEssential aid supplies

Genap B.V

Categories: Water / sanitationEssential aid supplies
Global eSourcing
Categories: CommunicationsLogistics

Categories: Organisations / associationsNGO / charityCommunications

Globus Relief
Categories: NGO / charity

Groupe Sovema Promafor
Categories: Water / sanitation

Hippo Water Roller
Categories: Essential aid suppliesWater / sanitation


Categories: CommunicationsWater / sanitationShelterMedicalVehiclesEssential aid supplies

Humanitarian Innovation Fund

Categories: NGO / charity

Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency
Categories: MedicalCommunicationsGovernmental / intergovernmental organisationsSecurityOrganisations / associationsNGO / charityConsultantsWater / sanitationEnergy / fuelFood and Nutrition

Hydration Technology Innovation
Categories: Water / sanitation

Categories: SecurityOrganisations / associationsVehiclesCommunicationsLogisticsGovernmental / intergovernmental organisations

Categories: Water / sanitation

International Humanitarian City
Categories: TravelLogistics

Johs. Gram-Hanssen A/S

Categories: Energy / fuelGovernmental / intergovernmental organisationsWater / sanitationEssential aid suppliesVehicles

Katadyn Deutschland GmbH
Categories: Water / sanitation

Kaznex Invest
Categories: Essential aid suppliesShelter

Kuehne+Nagel A/S
Categories: Logistics

Kunz Packaging
Categories: Water / sanitationLogisticsEnergy / fuel

Leaf Supply
Categories: Essential aid supplies

LIFESAVER systems ltd

Categories: Water / sanitation

Losberger RDS

Categories: ShelterMedicalWater / sanitation

Lunner Produkter AS
Categories: Water / sanitation

Medecins sans frontières
Categories: NGO / charity

Mork Water Solutions
Categories: Energy / fuelShelterWater / sanitation

Categories: MedicalNGO / charity

Myriado Cleantech S.à r.l.

Categories: Water / sanitation

National Air Cargo (Deutschland) GmbH
Categories: Logistics

National Tent House
Categories: Shelter

NRS International

Categories: Essential aid suppliesShelter

O.B. Wiik AS
Categories: ShelterEssential aid suppliesLogistics

Categories: Energy / fuel

Categories: Essential aid suppliesLogisticsNGO / charityWater / sanitation

Papa Pump Ltd
Categories: Water / sanitation

Paramount Tarpaulin Industries
Categories: Shelter

Categories: Organisations / associations

Platipus Anchors Limited
Categories: ShelterMedical

Poly-Klyn S.L
Categories: Water / sanitation

Priority Worldwide Services
Categories: Logistics

Pump International Ltd.
Categories: Water / sanitation

Reflectil International
Categories: Essential aid supplies

Satellite Industries SPRL
Categories: Water / sanitation

Scan Global Logistics A/S
Categories: Logistics

Solarway FZE

Categories: CommunicationsEssential aid suppliesShelterSecurityEnergy / fuel

Spanish Kits Company
Categories: Shelter

SPANTECH International and Wijnroemer Relief Goods B.V. (WRG)

Categories: Water / sanitationShelterEssential aid supplies

Start Network

Categories: NGO / charity

Sunbird Solar Ltd
Categories: Energy / fuelEssential aid suppliesTravelComputers

SunFire Solutions

Categories: Energy / fuel

Sunlite Solar

Categories: Essential aid suppliesShelterEnergy / fuel

Tai Solarin University of Education ( Premier University of Education in Nigeria)
Established for the training of graduates for Nigerian educationalsystem. Students are exposed to vocational skills thus producingteachers that are job creators. There are four colleges and nineacadem...

Categories: NGO / charityGovernmental / intergovernmental organisationsFood and Nutrition

Tana Netting

Categories: Essential aid suppliesMedical

Techno Relief Group
Categories: Essential aid supplies


Categories: Water / sanitationEssential aid suppliesFood and Nutrition

TeMPO Consulting
Categories: CommunicationsLogisticsComputersConsultants

The Medical Export Group BV
Categories: Essential aid suppliesMedical

The Safe Water Trust.

Categories: NGO / charityLogisticsEssential aid suppliesWater / sanitation

The WaterBackpack Company GmbH
Categories: Water / sanitation

Toyop Relief Pvt
Categories: LogisticsFood and NutritionShelterWater / sanitationEssential aid suppliesVehicles

TSF Supply sprl
Categories: Insurance and riskEnergy / fuelEssential aid suppliesCommunicationsNGO / charity

Vergnet Hydro
Categories: Water / sanitation

VSO International
Categories: NGO / charity

Wastewater Solutions Group

Categories: Water / sanitation
World Fa Exports Private Limited
Categories: Essential aid supplies

Zahra Tents Industries (Pvt.) Ltd
Categories: Shelter

Categories: Shelter

The following manufacturers participated at the AID & TRADE EVENT 2009 Washington D.C.:
3B ScientificBuilding and reconstruction A 1 STOP TRADING INC. DUBAI / ARMY SURPLUS STORES SOUTH AFRICA

Active Engineering LLCShelter and non-food items Advatech

Advatech Pacific IncTransportation and logistics Aeon International LtdBuilding and reconstruction, Shelter and non-food items, Water and sanitation AgilityTransportation and logistics AgraCo Technologies InternationalFood and agriculture AgrexFood and agriculture AIM International

Air serv InternationalTransportation and logistics AirWater CorporationWater and sanitation Alfa Medical Evacuation Services

Ambidados - Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Americas Relief Team

Antimicrobial Therapy IncHealth and medical aid AquatabsWater and sanitation ARGO / Ontario Drive & Gear LimitedTransportation and logistics AYR Group LimitedTransportation and logistics Bae Systems Land and ArmamentsTransportation and logistics Bae Systems Land and ArmamentsTransportation and logistics BaylisMedia and Communications, Shelter and non-food items, Telecommunication and IT Better Energy SystemsTransportation and logistics BPD Water and SanitationWater and sanitation Broadburn First Aid & Medical SuppliesHealth and medical aid Bukkehave LtdTransportation and logistics BulaneHealth and medical aid, Water and sanitation BushProofDevelopment Butyl ProductsTransportation and logistics, Water and sanitation Canland UK (Hot Pack) LtdFood and agriculture Cantegril MasterflexShelter and non-food items canto

Castell Satcom RadioTelecommunication and IT CHB Infrastructure Technology and Marketing Group LLCShelter and non-food items Clarke Mosquito ControlHealth and medical aid Clements InternationalSecurity and conflict protection Clip-Lok International LtdBuilding and reconstruction, Shelter and non-food items, Water and sanitation CofforBuilding and reconstruction, Shelter and non-food items Cogeme Onlus FoundationDevelopment, Education and training ConricoTransportation and logistics Creative Tent InternationalShelter and non-food items CSRwireEducation and training Cyberlux CorporationShelter and non-food items Cyrus International CCHealth and medical aid, Shelter and non-food items D&D-FRB IncBuilding and reconstruction, Shelter and non-food items Danimex Communication A/STelecommunication and IT DevexDevelopment, Education and training DORCE Prefabricated Building & Construction Industry Trade INC.Building and reconstruction, Shelter and non-food items Duke Centre for International DevelopmentEducation and training DuPont do Brasil / APRIMIG

E-Go SolutionsTelecommunication and IT EMERCOM of RussiaDisaster prevention and migration Emergency planning in Scotland: preparing for and learning from disastersDisaster prevention and migration Emerging Markets CommunicationsTelecommunication and IT EMS SATCOMTelecommunication and IT Envirolink Northwest LtdWater and sanitation EOD Technology IncSecurity and conflict protection ESRITelecommunication and IT Euromec S. R. L.Water and sanitation FB Systems LLCDisaster prevention and migration, Water and sanitation FIDO, LLCSecurity and conflict protection Force Protection, IncSecurity and conflict protection Global Fleet Sales Company LtdBuilding and reconstruction, Telecommunication and IT, Transportation and logistics Global Water Group, IncWater and sanitation Globecomm System IncTelecommunication and IT Golden Falcon InternationalShelter and non-food items, Transportation and logistics GuavaTransportation and logistics H.Nizam Din & Sons (Pvt) LtdShelter and non-food items H.Sheikh Noor-ud-Din & SonsShelter and non-food items HAL Communications CorpTelecommunication and IT Hawkmoor LimitedShelter and non-food items Hesco BastionShelter and non-food items Hockley International Ltd.Food and agriculture, Pest/Vector Control HP AfricaTelecommunication and IT image for Jakpak

ImresHealth and medical aid IncosegSecurity and conflict protection Inmarsat Global LtdTelecommunication and IT InTec PRODUCTS, INCHealth and medical aid International Armored GroupSecurity and conflict protection, Transportation and logistics International Health PartnersHealth and medical aid International Peace Operations Association (IPOA)Disaster prevention and migration International Relief And DevelopmentBuilding and reconstruction, Food and agriculture, Health and medical aid International SOSHealth and medical aid, Security and conflict protection INTL Global Currencies Ltd (IGC)


IVEMATransportation and logistics JEB InternationalBuilding and reconstruction, Transportation and logistics, Water and sanitation JMTC LtdTransportation and logistics JN-International Medical CorporationHealth and medical aid Key TravelTransportation and logistics Kitchen EssentialsFood and agriculture Kjaer GroupTransportation and logistics Kuehne + NagelTransportation and logistics L3 Cyterra

Labaronne CitafWater and sanitation Lamifab IndustriesShelter and non-food items LMS France World Water TreatmentWater and sanitation Logenix InternationalTransportation and logistics Logistics Education CentreEducation and training MABway LimitedEducation and training, Security and conflict protection Mage Idustrie Holding AG

Magno Humphries LaboratoriesHealth and medical aid Main Street Supply & Logistics, IncTransportation and logistics Metalite Aviation Lighting SystemsShelter and non-food items Millennium Challenge Corporation

MilSys (UK) LimitedShelter and non-food items Mine Wolf Systems AG

Mission and Relief TransportTransportation and logistics MOHABShelter and non-food items N.A.N Woollen MillsShelter and non-food items Naps System OYBuilding and reconstruction NIITEKSecurity and conflict protection OASISWater and sanitation Octagon Europe LtdShelter and non-food items Odis Filtering LtdWater and sanitation On Course Consultancy LtdTransportation and logistics Overseas Lease Group, IncTransportation and logistics Pacific PathwayHealth and medical aid, Shelter and non-food items Partners in Computers International, LLCTelecommunication and IT PelGar InternationalDevelopment, Food and agriculture, Pest/Vector Control PerkinElmer Life and Analytical SciencesHealth and medical aid picture for Clip lock international

PLANSON INTERNATIONALTelecommunication and IT PolitecTelecommunication and IT Powercube Energy, LLC

Priyanka India Private LtdShelter and non-food items Proctor & Allan (EA) LtdFood and agriculture Pro_Act Global

Pure H20 A/SWater and sanitation RA International FZCOBuilding and reconstruction Redwing Satellite Solutions LtdTelecommunication and IT Relief PodHealth and medical aid, Shelter and non-food items, Water and sanitation Relief QuoteDisaster prevention and migration Resilience Centre, Cranfield UniversityEducation and training, Security and conflict protection RMA AutomotiveDevelopment RONCO Consulting Corporation

Same Deutz-FahrFood and agriculture Sapphire Systems IncTelecommunication and IT Satcom GlobalTelecommunication and IT SatlynxTelecommunication and IT Scan Global LogisticsTransportation and logistics Scan Shipping ASTransportation and logistics Sea BoxTransportation and logistics SeaMobileTelecommunication and IT Search & Rescue FoundationDisaster prevention and migration Sentry GroupDisaster prevention and migration, Shelter and non-food items, Water and sanitation Shelter for LifeSecurity and conflict protection Sherwood InternationalTransportation and logistics Shumuk Aluminum Industries LtdShelter and non-food items Sky JuiceWater and sanitation Skylogic SPATelecommunication and IT SleepbreezeShelter and non-food items Solar Cookers InternationalFood and agriculture, Shelter and non-food items, Water and sanitation Solar Household Energy, IncShelter and non-food items Solar Stik�Shelter and non-food items Solutions Environmental Systems LtdBuilding and reconstruction, Disaster prevention and migration, Education and training, Shelter and non-food items, Water and sanitation Southern Inflatables (UK) LtdShelter and non-food items Spartan Trading CompanyHealth and medical aid, Procurement Consultancy, Shelter and non-food items SsangYongTransportation and logistics Star TidesTransportation and logistics Sumitomo ChemicalHealth and medical aid Sun BD CorporationShelter and non-food items, Water and sanitation Sustainable Development InternationalMedia and Communications Syngenta Crop Protection AGFood and agriculture Tacsurc/TSSI

Talia GroupTelecommunication and IT Tata Motors LimitedTransportation and logistics Techno ReliefTransportation and logistics The Armored Group LLCTransportation and logistics The Brazilian Embassy in Washington

The Development Executive GroupDevelopment, Education and training, Procurement Consultancy The Weakest Link

Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications CompanyTelecommunication and IT Toi Toi + DixiWater and sanitation Toyop ReliefDevelopment, Transportation and logistics Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings
Transportation and logistics
Trade Without Boarders

TrimbleTelecommunication and IT Trunz Water Systems

UAZTransportation and logistics UnatsolarShelter and non-food items, Telecommunication and IT Universal Building SolutionsBuilding and reconstruction, Transportation and logistics University of BirminghamEducation and training US21Transportation and logistics
Water and sanitation Vaughans of Leicester LtdTransportation and logisticsWagtech international

Western AutosTransportation and logistics World Water SolutionsWater and sanitation Worldwide SheltersShelter and non-food items YUBA BICYCLESTransportation and logistics

Zahra Tent Industries (Pvt) Ltd.Shelter and non-food items